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  1. Brace Yourself
  2. Who Am I?
  3. Cast Aside
  4. I’m Sorry
  5. Persistence of Vision
  6. Crashing Down
  7. Taking Up Arms
  8. Save Me
  9. Love and Faith (Reveal Yourself)
  10. Gotta Go

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It’s always easier to get to know your new favorite songs when you’ve got lyrics in hand. No need to search for lyric videos or websites that may or may not have the correct transcriptions.

And with the liner notes, you get the inside scoop on how the album was made and who was involved.

A picture says a thousand words. The front and back covers of many an album can provide that perfect snap shot of where an artist was when they created it… and years later remind you of who and where you were when you heard it for the first time.

Listening to Persistence of Vision is like taking a tour through decades of great Guitar Rock. From “old school” to “new school,” Kevin wears his influences proudly like patches on an old denim jacket. Throughout the album you’ll hear nods to early Metallica, Queensryche, and Joe Satriani, mixed with more modern artists like Breaking Benjamin and All Time Low. He weaves them together seamlessly with dramatic lyrics to tell real stories about real life. Fist-pumping anthems of determination, and ethereal ballads of love and redemption, are punctuated with soaring guitar instrumentals that will make this album your perfect soundtrack.

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